WhatsApp Business API vs WhatsApp Business App

At Coco, we understand the paramount importance of that staying ahead of the curve in customer communication can be challenging, especially when new technologies are constantly burgeoning. That’s why we’ve crafted this all-encompassing guide on both the WhatsApp Business API and WhatsApp Business App.

Think of this guide as your go-to reservoir of knowledge for everything related to WhatsApp’s business solutions. With straightforward explanations, practical examples, and strategic insights, we aim to equip you with all the knowledge you need to maximize the benefits of these influential platforms.

As connoisseurs in the WhatsApp API and WhatsApp Business, we’ve tailored this guide to cater to both newcomers and seasoned professionals in the field of messaging APIs. So, brew a delightful cup of tea or coffee, settle in, and accompany us on this enlightening exploration into the fascinating comparison between the WhatsApp Business API and the WhatsApp Business App.

Introduction to the WhatsApp Business App

Here are the core Differences Between Regular WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business :

The WhatsApp Business app is not merely an extension of the regular WhatsApp messenger. It’s a tool designed to meet the specific needs of businesses. While the core messaging features remain the same, the Business app allows companies to create a detailed profile, complete with business hours, location, and even a product catalog. This enriched profile serves as a digital storefront, enhancing the customer experience right from the start.

The Global Adoption of WhatsApp Business

The WhatsApp Business app has seen rapid adoption in countries like Brazil, India, and Indonesia, where it has become an essential tool for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Europe is also witnessing a surge in the app’s usage, as more businesses are realizing its potential for customer engagement and marketing.

Getting Started with WhatsApp Business App

System Requirements and Downloading the App :

The WhatsApp Business app is available for Android and iOS devices, requiring Android 4.0.3 or newer and iOS 9 or newer. The app is free to download, making it an accessible option for businesses of all sizes.

The Setup Process

Creating a WhatsApp Business account is straightforward. After downloading the app, you’ll need to agree to the terms and conditions, verify your phone number, and then proceed to set up your business profile. This profile serves as your digital business card, so it’s crucial to include all relevant information.

Features of the WhatsApp Business App

Catalogs, Message Templates, and More

The WhatsApp Business app offers a range of features designed to streamline customer interactions. Businesses can create a digital catalog to showcase their products or services. Automated message templates for common queries can also be set up, enhancing efficiency.

Customer Interaction: Live and Automated

The WhatsApp Business app allows for real-time customer interaction. Automated features like ‘Quick Replies’ for frequently asked questions, ‘Greetings’ for new customers, and ‘Away Messages’ for non-business hours are also available.

Benefits of Using the WhatsApp Business App

Building Stronger Customer Relationships

The WhatsApp Business app provides an intimate platform for customer interactions, fostering stronger relationships and increased loyalty. Features like chat labels help businesses organize customer conversations, making management more efficient.

Automation in WhatsApp Business App:

The WhatsApp Business app offers basic automation features like greeting messages, quick replies, and away messages, ensuring that businesses remain responsive and enhance customer satisfaction.

Nevertheless, a much more powerful and lesser-known tool exists… let me tell you about the WhatsApp API! 

Transitioning to the WhatsApp Business API

You may ask yourself… Why move to WhatsApp Business API?

For businesses that have outgrown the WhatsApp Business app, the WhatsApp Business API offers a more robust solution. The API allows for advanced automation and can be integrated into various software platforms, including CRM systems and e-commerce platforms.

For businesses that have outgrown the capabilities of the WhatsApp Business app and are looking for more advanced features, the WhatsApp Business API is the next logical step. 

The API is particularly beneficial for medium to large enterprises that require robust automation, CRM integration, and scalability

To get started with the WhatsApp Business API, you’ll need to apply directly through the WhatsApp website. 

The application process involves a review where WhatsApp assesses your business’s eligibility based on factors like size, messaging volume, and use-case scenarios. Once approved, you’ll gain access to the API documentation and can start the integration process.

It’s worth noting that using the API is not free; costs are associated with message templates and can vary based on the country and volume. However, the investment is often justified by the advanced capabilities and scalability that the API offers.

If you’re looking to accelerate your progress, Coco also offers a comprehensive WhatsApp API solution for your e-commerce needs. We handle everything for you.

Applying for the WhatsApp Business API is not as straightforward as downloading an app from the app store; it requires a more formal application process.

Businesses interested in using the API must first meet certain eligibility criteria.

The application process involves submitting business documents for verification, such as a business license and proof of domain ownership. Additionally, businesses should be prepared to outline their intended use-case scenarios for the API, as WhatsApp is particularly interested in how its platform will be utilized. Once the application is submitted, it undergoes a review process, and if approved, the business gains access to the API and can begin the integration process.

Coco will, of course, help you obtain the API without any issues. 

The Role of Business Solution Providers: Introducing Coco

When considering a transition to the WhatsApp Business API, it’s essential to understand the role of Business Solution Providers (BSPs).

These are third-party organizations that facilitate the smooth implementation and ongoing management of the WhatsApp Business API.

They offer a range of services, including technical support, message delivery, and even advanced analytics. 

Coco is one such BSP that stands out for its comprehensive solutions.

By partnering with Coco, businesses can not only get easier access to the WhatsApp Business API but also benefit from additional services that can enhance their customer engagement strategies. Coco takes care of the technical aspects, allowing businesses to focus on what they do best—serving their customers.

How to Get the WhatsApp Business API and Who Is It For?

The WhatsApp Business API is ideal for medium to large enterprises requiring advanced features and scalability. To access the API, businesses must apply through the WhatsApp website and undergo a review process. Once approved, they can start integrating the API into their existing systems.

Costs and Benefits

The WhatsApp Business API comes with associated costs, but the investment is often justified by the advanced capabilities and scalability it offers. Features like mass messaging and advanced automation make it suitable for larger businesses with complex needs.

While the WhatsApp Business API offers a range of advanced features and capabilities, it’s important to note that it is not a free service.

Costs are usually associated with message templates, which are pre-approved messages that can be sent both within and outside the 24-hour customer service window. These costs can vary depending on the country and the volume of messages sent.

Additionally, businesses may incur costs for setting up and maintaining the API infrastructure, especially if they choose to host it on their own servers. However, many businesses find that the investment is justified by the enhanced customer experience, advanced automation capabilities, and the potential for a higher return on investment (ROI).

Rates per conversation according to countries are available here : https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/pricing

Marketing: Conversations in this category involve promotional activities, updates, or calls to action that encourage customer engagement.

Utility: These conversations are designed to facilitate a particular transaction or request that both parties have agreed upon. They can include updates on a current transaction or notifications following a purchase.

Authentication: These conversations are used to verify users through single-use passcodes, which can be a part of multiple steps such as confirming an account, recovering an account, or integrity checks.

Service: Conversations in this category are geared towards resolving customer inquiries or issues.

For example, in France, sending a marketing template outside of the 24-hour window will cost you 11.86 cents per 24-hour conversation.

If the customer contacts you and initiates the conversation, you should look at the ‘service’ column; this will cost you 7.2 cents.

Note: The first 1,000 customer-initiated conversations per month are free. You will only be charged starting from the 1,001st conversation.

Also, if you advertise through the Meta platform (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads), the conversation will not be billed to you. The same applies if the prospect initiates the conversation by clicking on the WhatsApp button on your Facebook page.
Free entry conversations last 72 hours.

Once the free entry point conversation is opened, you can send any type of message to the customer without incurring additional charges. 

As you can see, the WhatsApp API may seem complex! But don’t worry, with Coco, we will help you gain a competitive advantage in the market!

Sectors where the WhatsApp API is used and performs extremely well.


The WhatsApp Business API is a boon for online retailers, enabling direct and efficient customer interactions that facilitate transactions. The platform enhances customer service by offering real-time messaging support, increasing customer satisfaction and encouraging repeat business.

Retailers can utilize the WhatsApp Business API for various transactional communications, such as confirming orders and updating shipping statuses. Automated chatbots can also be deployed to handle routine queries like order tracking or product returns.

Moreover, the API allows businesses to engage in personalized marketing by sending tailored messages or product recommendations to individual customers. Notable companies like Zara and Fabelio have successfully implemented WhatsApp Business API to assist customers in shopping and order management.

At Coco, we assist e-commerce businesses in outperforming their competition through the use of the WhatsApp API. Our innovative features, such as “text to buy,” enable us to achieve astonishingly high ROI and also enhance the Lifetime Value (LTV) by fostering a closer relationship with customers. For instance, when it comes to abandoned carts, our ROI is twice as high as that achieved through SMS. Book a call to learn more.

Client Support

The WhatsApp Business API empowers customer support teams to offer quick, customized assistance via messaging, thereby improving customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs. The API can be used to manage customer queries, grievances, and even offer technical support or product information. Automated chatbots can handle frequent tasks such as password resets or updating order statuses. Businesses can also collect customer feedback and address reviews to enhance the overall customer experience.

Real-world examples include KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, which provides flight updates and customer support through WhatsApp, and H&M, which offers personalized shopping advice via the platform.

By leveraging the WhatsApp Business API, companies can optimize customer interactions and operational efficiency, resulting in a more loyal customer base. If enhancing customer communication is your goal, the WhatsApp Business API is worth exploring.

Medical Services

Healthcare organizations can employ the WhatsApp Business API to engage with patients regarding their medical requirements. The API can be used for appointment reminders, prescription refills, and answering patient queries. It also facilitates communication among healthcare professionals for collaborative patient care.

Examples of its application in healthcare include the UK’s National Health Service, which uses WhatsApp for COVID-19 testing and vaccination communications, and the Mexican Red Cross, which utilizes the platform for emergency response.

Tourism and Guest Services

The WhatsApp Business API offers travel and hospitality businesses a platform for personalized and timely customer engagement. Companies can send booking confirmations, flight status updates, and reminders for check-ins. They can also offer local sightseeing suggestions and answer frequent travel-related queries. The API also allows for round-the-clock customer support and complaint resolution.

Businesses like Hyatt Hotels and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines are already using the WhatsApp Business API to offer personalized concierge services and customer support, respectively.

Additional Information

Businesses looking to expand their WhatsApp Business strategy can explore additional avenues like marketing campaigns and newsletters. The API also allows for advanced customer segmentation and personalized messaging, offering a more tailored customer experience.

With coco, we also offer a text to buy feature via whatsapp !

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