Text To Buy (TTB): Powerful Marketing Strategy

Text To Buy (TTB) is a commerce strategy that allows consumers to purchase products directly through text messaging (SMS). This method streamlines the buying process by enabling instant transactions using mobile devices.

As mobile usage continues to rise, TTB offers businesses a direct and convenient channel to engage with customers and drive sales.

What is TTB (Text To Buy) ?

Text To Buy (TTB) is a commerce strategy that allows consumers to purchase products or services directly through text messaging (SMS or messaging platforms). This method simplifies the buying process by enabling quick transactions using mobile devices, catering to the on-the-go nature of modern consumers.

How Does Text To Buy Work?

  1. Product Promotion: Brands or retailers promote a product through various channels, such as social media, email, or traditional advertising. The promotion includes a specific keyword or code related to the product.
  2. Customer Interaction: Interested customers text the provided keyword or code to a designated number to initiate the purchase.
  3. Automated Response: Once the text is received, an automated system responds, often with a link to a secure payment gateway or a request for payment details.
  4. Payment and Confirmation: The customer completes the payment, and a confirmation message is sent, finalizing the purchase. The product is then shipped to the customer’s address.
  5. Follow-Up: Some brands may send follow-up messages for feedback, reviews, or to promote related products.

Benefits of Text To Buy:

  1. Convenience: Customers can make purchases anytime, anywhere, without the need for a traditional online storefront.
  2. Instant Engagement: TTB allows for real-time interaction, making impulse buying easier and more seamless.
  3. Personalized Experience: Brands can tailor promotions and offers based on customer preferences and purchase history.
  4. Higher Conversion Rates: The direct and straightforward nature of TTB can lead to higher conversion rates compared to other sales channels.
  5. Strengthened Customer Relationship: Regular interactions via text can foster loyalty and encourage repeat purchases.


  1. Security: Ensure that payment gateways are secure and that customer data is protected.
  2. Regulations: Adhere to regulations related to SMS marketing and data protection. Always obtain explicit consent before sending promotional texts and provide an opt-out option.
  3. Cost: Text messaging services may come with associated costs. It’s essential to factor these into the overall ROI of the TTB strategy.
  4. Integration: Ensure that the TTB system is integrated with inventory management and shipping processes for smooth order fulfillment.

Text To Buy offers a modern approach to commerce, aligning with the mobile-first behavior of today’s consumers. When implemented effectively, it can provide a unique and efficient sales channel, enhancing customer experience and boosting sales.

Implementing Text To Buy (TTB) on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, with its vast global user base, offers a prime platform for implementing a Text To Buy (TTB) strategy. Leveraging WhatsApp Business, brands can facilitate seamless transactions and enhance customer engagement. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to set up TTB on WhatsApp, you can book a call with CoCo and we will show you how to set our solution on your store and send your first Text To Buy.

1. Set Up a WhatsApp Business Account:

  • Download the WhatsApp Business App: Available on both Android and iOS, this app is designed specifically for businesses.
  • Complete Your Business Profile: Provide essential details like business name, description, address, and contact information.

2. Catalog Creation:

  • Add Products/Services: Use the catalog feature to list products or services you offer. Include images, descriptions, and prices.
  • Shareable Links: Each product in your catalog gets a unique link. Share these links in promotional messages or direct customers to specific products.

3. Promote Your WhatsApp Channel:

  • Marketing Channels: Use social media, email, and other marketing channels to inform customers that they can purchase via WhatsApp.
  • QR Codes: Create QR codes that, when scanned, open a chat with your business on WhatsApp. Display these in physical stores, online platforms, or promotional materials.

4. Customer Interaction:

  • Initiate Purchase: Customers can initiate a purchase by sending a message, asking about a product, or directly referencing a product from your catalog.
  • Automated Responses: Use WhatsApp Business’s automated response feature to instantly reply to common queries or acknowledge order requests.

5. Payment Process:

  • Payment Links: Integrate with a payment gateway that provides payment links. Once a customer confirms an order, send them the link for payment.
  • Alternative Methods: Depending on your region, you might consider other payment methods like UPI (in India) or direct bank transfers.

6. Confirmation and Follow-Up:

  • Order Confirmation: Once payment is received, send a confirmation message with order details.
  • Shipping and Delivery Updates: Keep the customer informed about the order status, shipping, and expected delivery date.
  • Feedback and Reviews: After delivery, engage with the customer to gather feedback or request product reviews.

7. Enhance Customer Experience:

  • Quick Replies: Use the ‘Quick Replies’ feature for frequently sent messages, speeding up response times.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Based on past interactions, suggest products that might interest the customer.
  • Exclusive Offers: Share special deals or promotions exclusively with your WhatsApp customers.

8. Adhere to WhatsApp’s Policies:

  • Consent: Ensure you have explicit consent from customers before sending promotional messages.
  • Respect Privacy: Keep customer data confidential and avoid unnecessary spamming.

9. Analyze and Optimize:

  • WhatsApp Business Analytics: Review metrics like message open rates, response times, and customer feedback to refine your TTB strategy.
  • Feedback Loop: Regularly solicit feedback from customers to improve the buying experience.

Implementing TTB on WhatsApp offers a blend of convenience and personalization, enhancing the shopping experience for customers. By integrating a streamlined ordering and payment process with the interactive nature of WhatsApp, businesses can foster loyalty and drive sales.

Perfect Text To Buy (TTB) Examples for E-commerce

Implementing a successful TTB strategy for e-commerce requires a combination of clear communication, compelling offers, and a seamless transaction process. Here are some examples of TTB messages tailored for e-commerce:

1. New Product Launch:

🚀 “Introducing our latest summer collection! 🌞 Text ‘SUMMER2023’ to order now and get an exclusive 10% launch discount. Limited stock. Explore here: [link to product catalog].”

2. Flash Sale:

“FLASH SALE! Get 50% off on select items for the next 3 hours only. Text ‘FLASH50’ to grab your favorites before they’re gone! Shop now: [link to sale items].”

3. Personalized Recommendation:

👜 “Hi [Name], based on your recent purchases, we thought you’d love our new range of handbags. Text ‘BAGME’ to order with a special 15% discount just for you! Check them out: [link to handbags].”

4. Exclusive Member Offer:

🌟 “Exclusive for our premium members! Get early access to our winter collection. Text ‘EARLYBIRD’ to shop before everyone else and enjoy a 20% discount. Preview here: [link to collection].”

5. Cart Abandonment Reminder:

🛒 “Oops! You left some items in your cart. Text ‘FINISHMYORDER’ to complete your purchase and get free shipping. See what you left behind: [link to cart].”

6. Seasonal Promotion:

🎄 “Celebrate the holidays with our festive collection! Text ‘HOLIDAYJOY’ to order and receive a free gift with every purchase. Explore the festive range: [link to collection].”

7. Restock Notification:

🔔 “Good news! The [product name] you wanted is back in stock. Text ‘RESTOCKED’ to order now before it sells out again. Hurry! Shop here: [link to product].”

8. Bundle Offer:

🎁 “Buy more, save more! Get our skincare bundle at a 30% discount when you text ‘SKINCARESET’. Offer valid till stocks last. Discover the bundle: [link to set].”

9. Loyalty Points Redemption:

💳 “Redeem your loyalty points! Text ‘REDEEMNOW’ to get $10 off your next purchase. Not sure what to buy? Here are our bestsellers: [link to products].”

10. Feedback Request:

📝 “We’d love to hear from you! Text ‘FEEDBACK’ and let us know about your recent purchase. As a thank you, enjoy a 10% discount on your next order.”

A perfect TTB message for e-commerce is concise, engaging, and offers clear value to the customer. By incorporating compelling CTAs, exclusive offers, and personalized touches, businesses can effectively drive sales and enhance the shopping experience through TTB.

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